Why we love what we do

When you have a love for a sport you understand all the little nuances assosated with it and can relate with others who have the same passion.

When you know God, you have a greater desire to use your common love to share that Jesus can set them free from the war that rages between their ears. In motocross their is only one winner in a race and that means that the other 41 guys are mostly struggling for answers. I have never seen a sport where people risk so much like health and finances to pursue it. But I also have not seen a group of people so ready to listen to God’s word.

This culture needs the peace that God brings and it is a blessing to provide it even know the struggle means barely having enough fuel in the RV to get there, running old dirtbikes, rather than nothing just to be apart of the struggle that the families we minister to can relate that we race too, or looking out on a crowd of 30 people who just excepted Christ after a service but knowing that it cost us $2,500 to get there and we may receive $65 in donations for the week.

It is expensive to travel thousands of miles a year and we are thankful to those who have a heart to partner with us to reach these passionate families at the races.

If God is pulling on your heart to share in the impact Mxers for Jesus is having with reaching families please consider becoming a partner in prayer and financial support. This is a mission field like any other and it would be great to have a team that sees the impact 1 racer can have on a whole industry.

The future Ryan Villoptos, Trey Canards and Ryan Dungeys are the families and racers we reach today. When they have millions of fans and followers in a few years from now the few dollars of today will multiply my thousands then.

Know that it is not easy in this sport to have acceptance to speak at these races that Jesus Christ is the way to God and most of the time when we are asked to have church it costs us thousands of dollars to load up and get there. But God has given us a heart that bleeds for these families.

Please share in our mission.

Thank you


Baptisms in the river